Hamilton Wednesday Night Ride

Hamilton Wednesday Night Ride anyone?

Of course … Leaving what time where ?

6pm knox st? :slight_smile:

Choose a garage that’s near the edge of city in the direction you planning
on heading… Eg Caltex Dinsdale for West Caltex Hillcrest if that direction
else you end up trying to exit city getting separated at lights and stuck
in traffic.

Where we leaving from then ? :smile:

Where we going ? Waingaro Loop … or Kawhia or Okoroire

Okoroire for chips ?

Is Mark in on this … No Curry you mean … So Meeting/Leaving from
Hillcrest Caltex @ 6pm

I’ve not done anything but post here :slight_smile:Thought I’d give the mcrides thing a shot :stuck_out_tongue:
So, no … I haven’t contacted Mark

So you mean no curry … :frowning:

well I want a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

See you at Hillcrest Caltex @ 6 then

done !

That was fun :slight_smile:
@Sean_Donnison … coming with next time ?

Was it as good as a Hot Curry !

Yes! :smiley:

Way better :smiley: … have you sent MVW this link ?

Fine weather forecast for next Wednesday

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Marketing is your portfolio I think :thinking:

if that were the case there’d be more than just you and I here :laughing:

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