Hamilton Wednesday Night Ride

Unavailable tonight

no photo from last night :frowning:

No riding for me tonight

no riding for me tonight … again :frowning:
Maybe next week

Meet at Caltex Hillcrest, heading to Te Poi

Will be there

Fun ride

No riding for me tonight, have a family dinner.
I guess the weather sucks too :frowning:

anyone riding tonight?
I’m in Christchurch, so none for me

Bike off the road atm, so no from me.

Big ride coming this weekend (far north) so I’m going to skip tonight’s ride.

Going for curry at 2 Cook street (opposite the eastside tavern) at 6pm though, if anyone feels like joining.
@Birdy … welcome by the way :slight_smile:

Weather looks a bit iffy, but our last night of daylight savings.

Meet at Caltex Dinsdale, heading to Kawhia

Not able to make this, have a good ride

Nice ride for me.
Not so nice for @Warr

Went down in right side… combination of things … all fixable… headlight
too low, visor not clear, in marked road repairs with enough loose stuff to
take me down. My definaltely time to replace boots, took a hammering with
my foot stuck under the bike. … until Paul pulled it off … thanks Paul
Ankle swelling… perhaps a day off tomorrow.

Bugga, glad not to serious.

I’m going to skip tonight … I’m waiting on the arrival of puppies at home

7 pups :smiley: :heart:

Join for curry if you want.
3a cook street, 6pm

Thanks Paul but Thursday evenings are out for me , done any good rides
lately ?