Hamilton Wednesday Night Ride


Leaving Caltex Dinsdale 6pm




@Sean_Donnison joining us tomorrow?


Uncle @Warr has cancelled and suggested curry instead.

3a Cook Street


Waingaro loop


In the rain !


Where is the average speed and stats ?


Hamilton -> Waingaro
Average speed: 74.6
Max Speed: 101.7

Waingaro - > Hamilton
Average speed: 74.8
Max Speed: 136.3


Raglan for fish and chips ?


Yes could go the same way as last Wednesday to try on a dry road ā€¦ not
stopping at Waingaro since the kitchen not open on Wednesdays ā€¦ and F&Cā€™
s at Raglan :+1:


@Sean_Donnison ?





Hamilton -> Waingaro -> Raglan
Average speed: 77.9
Max Speed: 121

Raglan - > Hamilton
Average speed: 92.2
Max Speed: 125


Riding today ā€¦


Nice night out :slight_smile:


6pm ā€¦ Caltex Dsindale, Whatawhata Road


Hi, iā€™m keen, may not make the caltex start, but will you go through Pirongia, if so, I can meet you there? Cheers


Yep ā€¦ Will be ā€¦
@Warr on a red hornet and me on a blue SV


And @Sean_Donnison on a yellow vtr