Lodging rides via form on mobile


Not sure what the intended purpose is for the site other than for TA & Warr to chat with each other.

But if it’s intended to be a place to post upcoming ride info, then could I suggest you make it really easy to post info from a mobile phone, perhaps into a form.

Ride Name
Start time
Type (dirt, adventure, road)

This would make it easy rather than trying to type an essay on a mobile.

This site could be turned into the ‘go to’ place to find an upcoming group ride of any sort.

Finding upcoming rides on kiwibiker.co.nz is too hard and Booktime/Facetime/Bookface or whatever it’s called is too much effort as well.


Maybe the MC Rides ‘thing’, could be a clever aggregator of sites like this http://motoevents.nz/location/north-island/waikato/

Motoevents has the events on it, but not as easily searchable as I’d like and doesn’t seem to be a way to setup alerts.


Use cookies to remember my preferences (road, Waikato, etc) and display a summary of those on my landing page.


Some not bad ideas there !
Are you aware you can easily create topics in the meeting category by emailing meetings@mcrides.co.nz ?

See here


yes, but unless you’re doing some amazing AI at your end then you’ll just end up with notifications like the ones I posted yesterday.
Not much more useful than trawling forums on Kiwibiker.

Whereas motoevents is somewhat searchable.

What’s your USP in a crowded motorbike forums market ?

  1. Didn’t know about motoevents … so … learnt something today
  2. Declutter - KB is too cluttered (as you mentioned)
  3. Mobile friendly

Motoevents is a wordpress site, not really community based … but does look like a good assembly of events. The maintainer is is clearly very dedicated.

in short the story goes likes this.
I’ve owned the domain mcrides for a long time, its been used by a number of different groups for different things. It has had some success in small short bursts, then died out. I figured I try a different things, focusing mainly on mobile use.
What I want is some community that is focused on rides, rather than chatter …

But glad to see someone else has considered the landscape as well :smiley:


this would be quite easy I reckon.


@128mpr … Looking at some code that can add location, and date time to events.



looks ok so far.
I guess you have two users to consider

me standing in Hamilton Honda, sees a ride poster and wants to efficiently add it to MCR because the organiser hasn’t.

2nd user is me, wanting to know about upcoming rides relevant to me without having to click anything (except during initial prefs setup).

all on a mobile


So in my experience the two critical success factors , are community and content.
If 20 active people suddenly turned on this site tomorrow that would be enough to get the community started.
Or if there is intetesting content people will come. This is the angle you’re approaching from I think.

The ideal is when there is good content, that is contributed by the community, so both success factors work hand in hand.

Which means for success we need to attract people, some of whom might be contributors.
Got any ideas ?
In the meantime I can work on making ride submissions easier


just following up @128mpr
I haven’t heard any more from you ?

Just discovered motoevents is run run BRM ( Bike Rider Magazine )
Hard to compete with a commercially backed venture :open_mouth: